​​Commission Rules:


+ First come first serve.

+ Payment upfront no refunds! I will invoice you via email.

Please allow 2 business weeks from the date of your payment for delivery of your commission to your email adress.

+ Cash App and Venmo accepted.
Don't send money until you get confirmation I've accepted your commission and will work on it.

Please provide:

     - Reference images (as many as you want drawings are great!)
     - Important Details (ANYTHING I need to know to give you the best image possible at the end)

+ Currently they are DIGITAL FORMAT ONLY. For the buyers personal and private use only, I reserve all rights to distribution and profit as the artist by paying me for each commission you are agreeing to these terms.

+ When I accept your payment you are agreeing to these terms:

All commissioned art is for personal, non commercial, use. I retain all distribution rights for any commissioned piece relating to marketing for myself. The commissioner may post or edit the art piece in any way they see fit.

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